Friday, July 1, 2016

Foxy by Foxy

I am Foxy - also known as the Monster Dog.  I don't know why they call me that because I am cute and friendly - but my parents like it and I try to keep them happy.

My parents adopted me when I was just over 5 years old.  I lived in Tennessee.  My first parents couldn't take care of me anymore and gave me to a lady named Pam who worked hard to find me the best parents she could.

I came to my parents on an orphan bus.  I arrived on a rainy day.  It took me a awhile to get happy again but now I am.

I keep my parents warm at night by sleeping in bed with them.  I help them finish their dinners when they put too much food on their plates.  I keep them well exercised by taking them for walks.  I let them pet me a lot because it keeps them from being anxious.  And every once in a while I run away or hide so they can have the fun of looking for me.

I am a good dog!

Clancy is my special friend.  He is three times my size but we play together just fine.  I guess we will meet other dogs on this trip but Clancy will always be my "bestie."

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