Friday, July 1, 2016

Clancy - my bio by me

I picked my family when I was  8 weeks old even though I didn't know anything about them;  At that time I was only know as the "green" puppy. That was because I had the green plastic collar. All my litter mates had different colored collars for data collection. Notes were made 4 times a day, although I didn't know it, and entered on forms so we could be matched up with our prospective families.  I didn't realize that my family to be had only one criteria on their sheet. They wanted the "perfect" pet. Obviously that was me.

At the first meeting I ran straight out of my pen and sat leaning against Jerry's leg as he petted me. I only growled a couple of times when the other puppy that was available ventured too close for my comfort.  Then I waited four long weeks, much longer in puppy time, waiting for their return to take me home.  My first night, away from my litter mates was horrible.  I cried all night in my crate. When they finally realized that I was used to soft music to sleep everything changed.  I didn't like the crate thing so I learned to use the "outside facilities" very quickly.  

I was just settling in the new lodgings when all of a sudden we were racing down the highway with this shiny thing right on our bumper. It was so close that I thought it must be attached to us. Actually it was.  I was on my first camping trip. I immediately loved camping. The first trip was tough because I got sick and covered with ticks.  On my first out of state trip I encountered a bear, boy did I learn to bark and growl like a big dog. 

   I love both my big and my tiny home.

    When at my big house I'm free to run and on our walks I visit with all my human and canine neighbor friends.. Sometimes I even get to walk off leash. I love to spend my days in my yard watching shadows. 
When we travel in my shiny tiny home I get to see so many new parts of this country. I have so many friends. There is Foxy, Bentley, Bailey, Shadow, Mina... So many friends that are not with us anymore ...
I love my family, they tell me what a good dog I am all the time. I'm everyone's best friend.

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